“A budget must be the cumulative effort of all who implement the organization’s mission, including key leaders from all areas of the organization…” 

Curtis Klotz, CPA, Nonprofits Assistance Fund 

Our Philosophy

AT XLERANT, we believe that developing an accurate, achievable budget relies on successfully engaging the staff who “live the budget” to help build and uphold it.  

WITH THE RIGHT BLEND of budgetary tools, strategies, and controls, it is possible to gain each unique individual’s expertise while efficiently coordinating everyone’s efforts – to lay a solid foundation for fiscal stability. 

When Budgeting Is a Team Sport

Whether you’re a company with 20, 75, or even 200 budgeting participants, coordinating everyone’s efforts can be a complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone experience...but it doesn't have to be.

Keys to Multi-Participant Budgetary Success 

5 Winning Ideas for Better Budgeting Teamwork: 

  • Improve Communication 
  • Enhance Documentation 
  • Provide Easy-to-Use Technology 
  • Increase Budget Holder Engagement 
  • Implement Control and Flexibility 

Positive Financial Outcomes...and So Much More

Successful Multi-Participant Budgeting Enhances:

  • Teamwork 
  • Innovation  
  • Employee Engagement 
  • Ownership & Accountability 
  • Budgetary Accuracy
  • Cost Containment 
  • Alignment with Strategy 


5 Winning Strategies for Multi-Participant Budgeting 

Proven approaches for successful budgeting teamwork and the benefits of engaging your staff… 

Multiplayer Game: Making Multi-Participant Budgeting Work 

A truly strategic budgeting process requires engaging your department heads...

Avoiding the Potential Pitfalls of Collaborative Budgeting 

Discover the keys to a successful participatory budgeting approach within your organization... 

Employee Engagement as a Business Strategy for Finance & Leadership Teams 

Leverage your multi-participant budgeting process to achieve your strategy, and foster a culture of innovation, engagement, and commitment... 

In Harmony: Collaborative Strategic Budgeting for Fiscal Stability 

Building and executing a budget is much more than a financial process; it requires deliberate work to create a culture of open communication... 


The Keys to Successful Distributed Budgeting 

Budgeting can be a challenge, whether you’re a company with 20, 75 or even 200 budgeting participants. As with most things, the more people you engage in the process the more complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone the experience can be. But it doesn’t have to be.

Achieving Pain-Free Budgeting & Forecasting 

Hunting down spreadsheets from multiple participants and managing version control & consolidation with little time left for critical analysis…does this sound like your process? Budgeting doesn’t have to be painful. There is an easier way… 


How Your Budgeting Process Can Help You Engage (And Keep) Your Employees

Replacing lost talent is a challenge…to say the least. It costs employers and managers an extraordinary amount of time, resources, and energy when an employee jumps ship. We’re talking lost productivity, overworked remaining staff, lower overall morale, and lost knowledge – plus recruiting, interviewing, and training costs. According to Hay Group senior principal Mark Royal… 

The Case for Collaborative Budgeting in Higher Education 

“Collaborative Budgeting” is a hot concept in higher education. It is the process of gaining more participation in and ownership of the budget by faculty and staff department heads, providing more transparency to the budget and showing how the department heads will support the institutional strategy… 


Texas Baptists can now see where each of its 100 staff members is in the budgeting process, in real-time… 

John A. Logan College has 110 budget managers who all love their new budgeting system…  

We designed BudgetPak to fill the need for a budgeting, forecasting & reporting solution that simplifies & streamlines multi-participant budgeting.

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Ready to learn how easy multi-participant budgeting can be with BudgetPak?

XLerant provides cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solutions designed with easy-to-use interfaces that make a complex process accessible for finance teams and budget managers alike. XLerant's software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions serve small to mid-size enterprises that value collaborative environments as an effective way to engage employees and achieve their strategic objectives. The company's premier product, BudgetPak, has been recognized for outstanding usability, quick implementation, and exceptional support.

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